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The Lead partner, ConSol Dortmund gGmbH is a recognized strap of the youth welfare which devotes itself to the help requirements of families, which is permanently strolling. These help requirements are developed and provided in form of flexible resource-oriented and individually oriented offers in the context of itinerant educational helps in the weekday. Life and professional orientation measures are in the foreground of this social educational work.

Besides these main fields of activity the support of unescorted juvenile refugees (in groups or individual support) are further fields of our work. In cooperation with responsible authorities and institutions in the Ruhr district and particularly with the city of Dortmund we turn with our support offers to all children, teenagers, families and long-term relationships without difference of age, gender, religion or nationality.



Altius Francisco de Vitoria Foundation is a non-profit making organization set up in 2000.

The Foundation promotes diverse initiatives in different areas to foster the family support, social inclusion of the most disadvantaged sectors and intercultural relations and development and cooperation in Latam through education in order to provide a better future.

Altius Francisco de Vitoria has as its mission:

To contribute to the people´s integral development with particular emphasis on the most vulnerable groups through programmes, innovative actions and collaboration, all of this, guided by objectives of culture of solidarity to achieve a social transformation.

The Foundation is a key actor in promoting and enabling youth participation and active citizenship with a special focus with to disadvantaged young people who are not in employment, education or training.





Ege University Hospital is one of the biggest institution that works for community in İzmir

Our Child & Adolescent Psychiatry division mainly provides clinical services for children and adolescents with  psychological disturbances and trains medical students, residents, and fellows in child and adolescent psychiatry.

We provide diagnostic, evaluation, and treatment services that include: developmental psychopathology, disruptive behaviour disorders, anxiety disorders psychosomatic difficulties, alcohol and substance abuse, post traumatic stress disorders, affective disorders, psychotic disorders and so on.

In addition to these services, we have protective intervention programs such as parent supporting groups, informative meetings for public institutions about mental health

Our department staffs are psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and nurses.



Association B-4

Association B-4 was officially established in 1996. We are an independent NGO cooperating with many institutions and organizations both in the country and abroad (Europe, Asia). We are a team consisting of economists, engineers, lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, vocational counselors, and specialists in the field of entrepreneurship and human resources management. We, at B-4, operate mainly through the implementation of projects: our own ones, co financed from the EU, local, regional, national and international fund; we have implemented more than 80 projects so far (educational/training/youth projects as well as projects in the tourism & agriculture industries) both in Poland and in Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine. We have our headquarters in Rzeszów (the south-eastern part of Poland, around 180 km far from Cracow) and offices in different parts of Poland. We are also a certified education (ISO 9001:2008) provider, providing foreign language courses and other trainings (in finance, audit etc.) for adults. We, at B-4, are open to other cultures and at the same time fluent in foreign languages (English, German, Russian,Czech, Slovak), which undoubtedly gives us a lot of opportunities to host a variety of events, workshops and definitely projects that include foreign participation. Our main characteristics are excellent organization,reliability and flexibility in terms of project management and implementation.


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