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Kick-off meeting in Dortmund



Project Kick-off meeting was held in Dortmund between 07th - 9st of November.

Consol used this meeting to communicate a shared view of the project to ensure understanding of the approved project and clarify next steps involved in producing the Planning Stage deliverables.


Representatives from all four partners presented their organizations and scope activities. The partnership accorded rules for cooperation. We also had a discussion on basic conditions of working methods of pedagogic aid including  aspects as financing, clientele, employee's structure, cooperation partners, social systems and lawful basic conditions of each country and also joined us: local partners from the Youth Welfare Department Dortmund, University of applied science in Dortmund and other educational institutions.


The kick-off meeting was accompanied by a cultural program. The peculiarities of the “Ruhrgebiet” had been presented to the partners by a city tour, followed by a visit to a former coal mine etc..

For further information, check out our Project Kick-Off-Meeting agenda and the minutes.

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Madrid meeting



The Meeting of the Francisco de Vitoria Foundation took place in Madrid from 13-15 March

The agenda included the presentation of the European Area and the Europe Direct Centre of our Foundation.

Foundation’s professionals led discussions on Education with a specific focus on formal, non- formal and informal education and involved parents as a hidden resource in their children´s education and presentations concerning our educations programs parents-children, other issues such as an integral legal advice and other education workshops live related parents.

In one way for a success project communication, partnerships visited our Center Family Support, and Colombian, Peruvian and Central American Centers for participation and integration of immigrants.

Finally we had a cultural activity named: A walk in the Madrid´s streets.

For further information, check out our CoMeth Madrid Meeting agenda and the minutes.

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Rzeszów meeting



The meeting in Rzeszów took place between 2nd and 4th October 2013.

The agenda included presentation of Anglo-Saxon literature and experience review and discussion topics related to possible ways of enhancing parental involvement and engagement. B-4 Association was strongly supported by authorities in this filed from two Rzeszów Universities as well as from Rzeszów Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Assossiation who agreed to share their knowledge and experience with us.

Within the Rzeszów meeting participants also had opportunity to visit after – school youth club conducted by B-4 Assosiation and learn more of facility’s scope of activities.

Rzeszów meeting was accompanied by a cultural program including visiting city’s underground route as well as the castle located in a nearby town Łańcut.

For further information, check out our Rzeszów meeting agenda and the minutes.

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Izmir meeting



The meeting in Izmir, Turkey took place between 08.04.2014 and 11.04.2014.

The agenda among others included presentation of projects and methods used by Psychiatry and Psychology Department of Ege University, the lecture of Prof. Derya Şahin “Supportive Child Teacher Relationships: contribution for the whole child” as well as the presentation of Çakabey Rotary Club.

During Izmir meeting partners focused on the final products production and dissemination as well as on possible cooperation within the next projects which would be a continuation of CoMeth achievements.

Due to the fact that project partners had a chance to meet each other very well it was possible to conduct thorough discussions on the final product content (“Book of Ideas”) as well as on the idea for the continuing project (working title: “Implementation of Methods"). One of the result of these discussions is a common application submitted at the European Commission regarding the following project.

The presentation of Izmir’s Rotary Club activity was a pretext for discussion of the possible ways of regional partners’ inclusion in the financial and social support in the context of disadvantaged children.

Within the Izmir meeting participants also had opportunity to visit premises of Psychiatry department of Ege Hospital especially the section dedicated to the young people and meet with its director and founder.

Cultural program of the visit covered sightseeing trips to Virgin Mary Church in Selçuk, Ephesus and Şirince and interesting historical places in Izmir.

For further information, check out our CoMeth Izmir Meeting agenda and the minutes.

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Final meeting in Dortmund



The final CoMeth meeting took place in Dortmund between 25th June and 27th June 2014.

During those three days of the final meeting the delegations of the CoMeth project partners spoke about the development of projects, the production of the end products such as "Book of Ideas" and their thoughts regarding the cooperation during the process of project’s implementation.

In particular, project partners discussed the possibilities of transferring best practices to other organization’s culture. Partners considered which conditions must be fulfilled in order to implement particular method and what aspects have to be taken into account. Also, cultural differences between project partners were the subject of the discussion. Partners also wondered if it makes sense to alter the original method and implement it in other organization and what aspects should be taken into consideration in such case.

During stimulating and intensive discussions it became clear that all project partners have a big interest in learning from others’ organization’s experiences and to use their methods in order to develop each organization’s further work and growth.

The further development of the "Book of Ideas" (one of the CoMeth final products) was an excellent example of an extremely successful European cooperation. It has shown that the different experiences, the cultural contexts and singular methods used by particular partners resulted in creation of objective and transnational solution in the field of education. Discussions between partners turned out to be very wide-ranging and constructive and lead to a successful cooperation in terms of final products which shall be seen on the CoMeth web page.

The summary of the project’s results conducted by all project partners on the last day of the final meeting has shown that participation in the project has widely influenced all involved organizations especially in terms of the way they work with parents, children and teachers. Participation in the project also allowed partners to see new possibilities, concepts and methods in the context of that work. Also, opportunity to work in the international team of experts allowed the partners to broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding of the conditions of life and work in particular countries. All partners agreed that the work at the international level is important in every aspect and highly contributes to the idea of European cooperation supported by the European Commission though financing projects such as CoMeth.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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