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Project’s title:

Concepts and methods of an active parent work from the aspect of a possible education advice and educational planning [CoMeth]

Source of financing

  • European Commission
  • Lifelong Learning Programme
  • The Grundtvig programme
  • Grundtvig Sub-programme: Learning Partnership

The Grundtvig programme focuses on the teaching and study needs of learners taking adult education and ‘alternative’ education courses, as well as the organisations delivering these services. It aims to help develop the adult education sector, as well as enable more people to undertake learning experiences, notably in other European countries.

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The Lead partner, ConSol Dortmund gGmbH is a recognized strap of the youth welfare which devotes itself to the help requirements of families, which is permanently strolling. These help requirements are developed and provided in form of flexible resource-oriented and individually oriented offers in the context of itinerant educational helps in the weekday. Life and professional orientation measures are in the foreground of this social educational work.

Besides these main fields of activity the support of unescorted juvenile refugees (in groups or individual support) are further fields of our work. In cooperation with responsible authorities and institutions in the Ruhr district and particularly with the city of Dortmund we turn with our support offers to all children, teenagers, families and long-term relationships without difference of age, sex, religion or nationality.
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Project Kick-off meeting was held in Dortmund between 07th - 9st of November.
Consol used this meeting to communicate a shared view of the project to ensure understanding of the approved project and clarify next steps involved in producing the Planning Stage deliverables.

Representatives from all four partners presented their organizations and scope activities. The partnership accorded rules for cooperation. We also had a discussion on basic conditions of working methods of pedagogic aid including aspects as financing, clientele, employee's structure, cooperation partners, social systems and lawful basic conditions of each country and also joined us: local partners from the Youth Welfare Department Dortmund, University of applied science in Dortmund and other educational institutions.
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Ege University Hospial
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Department
Bornova /İzmir -Turkey
Project coordinator:
Sinem Demirel - Psychologist

ConSol Dortmund gGmbH
Münsterstraße 54
44145 Dortmund
Phone: 0049 231 5330922
Fax: 0049 231 5330969
Project coordinator:
Pilar Sojo Sojo

Altius Francisco de Vitoria Foundation
C/ Pedro Unanúe, nº 14
28045 Madrid
Project coordinator:
Clara Ubeda

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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